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JIMMY B53 1000W asztali turmixgép

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49.900 Ft (39.291 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: 25156-uniw
Gyártó: JIMMY

Leírás és Paraméterek

JIMMY B53 cup blender

Now you can easily prepare delicious, healthy smoothies, fruit mousses and purees for your child. The JIMMY B53 cup blender stands out with its 1,000W of power and a speed of up to 25,000rpm. It is equipped with a quadruple blade and offers 5 operating modes to choose from. With a capacity of up to 1.5l, you can prepare tasty smoothies for the whole family in one go. The appliance is also extremely quiet and easy to clean. The set also includes a practical, portable cup.

5 operation modes to choose from

The blender can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to the five available modes. The JIMMY B53 lets you choose from options such as Fruits & Vegetables, Milkshake, Smoothies, Baby Foods and Nuts. Want to prepare a nutritious puree for your baby? Need to grind nuts for a cake? Or do you fancy a delicious strawberry smoothie? The JIMMY B53 blender will do the job in almost any situation!

6 speed levels

Adapt the blender to the situation and get even better tasting smoothies or purees. In manual mode, the appliance allows you to choose from 6 speed levels, which are perfect for different situations. Levels 1-2 will be suitable for blending soft fruits such as bananas or strawberries. Levels 3-4 are suitable for blending harder ingredients such as carrots. Levels 5-6 will work well with ice and nuts, among other things.

Quadruple blade - high power

No more unappetising, unblended pieces of food in your cocktails. The JIMMY brand blender features up to 1,000W of power and speeds of up to 25,000rpm. It is also distinguished by its improved, carefully thought-out design and quadruple blade so that all ingredients can be blended perfectly, evenly. The appliance even handles chunks of ice with ease! It also extracts more nutrients. All this makes for smooth, delicious, healthy smoothies, purees and more.


Using the blender is extremely easy. The appliance is equipped with a digital display that will provide you with, among other things, information about its operating time. The B53 is surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 0.8kg. It also stands out for its high durability and resistance to damage. What's more, excellent quality BPA-free plastic has been used to make it. So you can serve the pureed food to your child without any worries! The kit also includes a practical pusher.

Even more convenience

Keeping your blender in top condition is no problem at all. Its cup can be washed in the dishwasher without any worries. There is also a special Pulse mode, which not only allows you to chop ingredients, but also to clean the appliance automatically. Furthermore, thanks to its improved design, the B53 runs extremely quietly. Its noise level does not exceed 80 dBA. Don't worry about the annoying noise disturbing anyone!

Ideal for large families

The 1.5l capacity of the B53 makes it ideal for a large family and allows you to make several glasses of smoothies at once. With the B53, you can easily make enough smoothies for everyone! A tasty, healthy mousse for dinner? Or maybe a delicious fruit smoothie after breakfast? With JIMMY you can easily provide your loved ones with valuable nutrients!

Portable mug included

The set also includes a practical 600ml portable mug. So you can conveniently take your finished smoothie to work, university or the gym. Now you can easily drink a healthy, nutritious smoothie whenever you want! Like the blender cup, the mug is made of high-quality BPA-free PCTG plastic - so it is completely safe for your health.

In the box

  • Blender
  • Portable cup (600ml)
  • Pusher


Name Blender
Model B53
Rated power 1000W
Rated voltage 220-240V
Max. speed 25,000rpm
Max. sound level < 80dBA
Material (cup/cup) PCTG (BPA-free)
Cup capacity 1.5l
Weight of base with motor 2.8kg
Weight of cup 0.8kg


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